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All our jewelry is handcrafted to maintain highest quality. We like to keep our production process transparent and try to maintain the quality of our products. Following is a brief of our production process. The entire process is sustainable and does not harm the environment in any way.

  1. Gemstone production - We manufacture our gemstone pieces in house depending on the design and requirement of our customers.
  2. CAD Technology and Prototyping – Through CAD we are able to create precise and detailed digital representation of our jewelry designs. These digital designs are then to create master models using the latest technologies in 3D wax printing.
  3. Wax Injection – In this step the CAD design is used to create a wax replica of the jewelry piece.
  4. Casting - The wax model is used to create a mold into which molten metal, such as silver, is poured, resulting in the creation of the desired jewelry piece.
  5. Filing – The shape and texture of the jewelry is smoothened and shaped meticulously.
  6. Laser welding and soldering – At this stage of the production process, the connections between the joints of the jewelry are made strong.
  7. Setting – The gemstones are secured in the jewelry using prongs, channel and bezel that enhances both the aesthetic and the structural integrity of the silver jewelry piece.
  8. Polishing – We polish the jewelry pieces inhoudse that elevates the overall appearance and quality.
  9. Plating – We offer a wide range of plating options to our customers depending on their requirements.
  10. Quality Control – At every step we show the jewelry to the customers for their approval and better understanding.

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