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At ABC Jewelry Mart, we are dedicated to minimizing our carbon footprint, and exploring new avenues for helping the environment. We prioritize minimizing the environmental effect of our operations, sourcing raw materials free from conflict, and giving back to the workforce by paying workers fairly and providing a safe workplace. Everything we do, from the raw materials and production process to the completed product and packaging, is naturally infused with environmental concern.

We reduce waste in our manufacturing operations by carefully planning production phases. On a monthly basis, we analyze our procedures to maintain the greatest level of efficiency and safety in waste treatment. It is essential to monitor and implement checks for safe management of left over raw materials. For example, scrap metal from production processes, excess wax from waxing department, rubber from wax moulds, and the copper rods and wires used in plating department are collected and recycled by local specialized facilities.

To guarantee that all employees receive fair treatment at all times, we have strict policies in place. We employ safe working conditions, offer more than living wages, and never use child labor in the manufacture of our jewelry. Additionally, we maintain a very open workplace where all employees are encouraged to express themselves, ask questions, and become knowledgeable about every part of the business.

We believe that as a community, women empower everyone around them, promoting collaboration, fairness and equality. We encourage our employees to challenge themselves and give them the opportunities to grow in our company.

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